Halberd Corporation Brief Overview

Halberd Corporation was re-formed in May 2020.  Noting that Halberd’s unique extracorporeal technological approach is adaptable to many disease states, Halberd’s team of professionals employed its skills, resources and focus to concentrate on developing treatments against some of the world’s more persistent diseases, such as, Alzheimer’s Disease, PTSD, Parkinson’s Disease, epilepsy and other neurodegenerative diseases, sepsis, meningitis, and pandemics, among others.  Except for select trade secrets, Halberd’s technology is incorporated into three issued U.S. Patents covering extracorporeal treatment of disease, and 20 related provisional patent applications.

Halberd’s technology is based on the philosophy that the best way to treat any disease is to eliminate the pathophysiologic basis (or cause) of the disease.  This is done through extracorporeal treatment of the applicable bodily fluid – blood or cerebral spinal fluid (CSF).  This approach can be applied to eliminate virtually any disease, without the use of potentially harmful chemical drugs injected or ingested into a patient, and with virtually zero side effects.

Through Halberd’s extracorporeal treatment, no disease can escape elimination, including diseases previously considered “incurable”.  This approach of removing the basis of the disease, instead of adding things to the body, can revolutionize medicine.  It could eventually eliminate the need for medications and drugs as we know them today.  Every pharmaceutical company has to ask themselves two questions:  1) What happens to us if we do partner with Halberd? And 2) What happens to us if we don’t, and the competition does??

Halberd has demonstrated the extracorporeal elimination from CSF, in vitro, of ten key proteins/cytokines associated with the principal neurodegenerative diseases which affect nearly 40 million people in the USA alone.  This elimination was accomplished by exposing the treated CSF (conjoined antibodies and metallic nanoparticles) to a tuned laser, for 20 minutes or less, or exposure to radio frequency energy.  It also accomplished this by chemically binding antibodies against the target antigen to the surfaces of a filtering cartridge (similar to dialysis).  Halberd also accomplished the successful elimination of E. coli in buffer solution through this same process.

Halberd faces numerous challenges going forward, including proof of safety and efficacy to FDA standards.  To that end, Halberd has been approved as a government contractor and has applied for a $75,000,000 development contract in the area of PTSD and traumatic brain injury for the Department of Defense.  Department of Defense officials have advised that Halberd is a leading candidate to receive funding for this contract.

Our next phase of development will be to eliminate a subset of the target neuro-degenerative disease antigens from blood serum, followed immediately by animal testing in conjunction with a major university.

Halberd is seeking an experienced partner in the development, FDA approval and commercialization of biomedical products.  If Halberd cannot secure a viable relationship with such a partner, Halberd plans to secure the services of CRO’s, CMO’s and hire the talent necessary to achieve commercialization.