Jackson Center, PA, April 8, 2020 – Premier Biomedical, Inc. (OTC-PINK: “BIEI“), Halberd Corporation (OTC-PINK: HALB) and Gold River Productions Inc. (OTC-PINK: GRPS) announce the signing of a multi-faceted agreement for ongoing R&D into a potential treatment and cure for Covid-19 as well as development of Premier’s Anti-Addiction PatchTM.

The Joint Venture on Covid-19 treatment starts with Dr. Mitchell Felder’s patented extracorporeal therapy (US Patent 9,216,386 and US Patent 8,758,287) for the safe removal of targeted antigens from the blood and targeted organs.  Dr. Felder explained, “The extracorporeal treatment is based on the process of removing the underlying basis of the disease. In the case of Covid-19, it entails removal of specific compounds which allow the virus to replicate.  We believe this technology is superior to known treatments in that it may potentially eliminate mutations of the virus.”

Dr. Richard Goulding, Gold River’s Chief Medical Officer stated, “Premier’s multi-faceted extracorporeal technology can be used to remove the disease-causing antigens and to prevent the “cytokine storm” associated with the disease in severely ill patients.”

Dr. Felder continued, “With our partners, including a leading university partner, we are now positioned to develop potential cures and mitigation for Covid-19 as well as to alleviate the global drug epidemic for our country and the world.  The joint venture includes financial commitments for funding, which if obtained, along with the continued research with our university partner is likely to develop the technology disclosed in our provisional patent application entitled ‘Method for Treating and Curing COVID-19 Infection’.  We seek to further develop and establish proof of concept with regard to these promising tools in this worldwide battle. This positions us to facilitate defenses against the growing COVID-19 menace as well as against other viral attacks.”

See YouTube video, https://youtu.be/BGdZqHH6oew, concerning Dr. Felder’s discussion of the scientific basis underlying Premier’s extracorporeal treatment process for fighting cancer and other diseases.

“With COVID-19 spreading at an alarming rate, we have accelerated our efforts to develop effective tools to combat not just COVID-19 but other viruses as they occur.  Therefore, we are working on a composite and generalized series of defenses and remedial measures to combat and to otherwise cope with viruses, even as they mutate, adapt or otherwise change,” commented Dr. Goulding.

“Perhaps more importantly,” continued Dr. Goulding “this extracorporeal treatment could complement and work in tandem with an effective vaccine.  In other words, a vaccine would treat the disease, but often of equal importance is treating the harmful consequences of the disease, including the removal of the deleterious cytokines which ultimately cause the damage to the human body and even death.”

James Christopher Ledoux, CEO of Halberd, stated, “This is a very exciting alliance! The team we are now assembling is poised to make significant contributions to overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic as well as drug and alcohol addiction throughout the world.”

William A. Hartman, President and CEO of Premier Biomedical, concurred saying, “We have a very talented and dedicated team to deliver breakthrough technologies.”